Thursday, April 5, 2007

Greetings! Yes, another newbie. ;)

Hello! I am erotica and dark romance author Katrina Strauss, though my friends just call me Kitty. I am pleased to be one of the new additions to the Freya's Bower family. :)

I have been writing since childhood, and enjoyed a few short story publications in independent e-zines in the 90's. However, I did not try my hand at erotica and, subsequently, pen my first full-length novel until last year. My resulting experiment, which blends plot-driven romance with BDSM and paranormal elements, has evolved into the genre-busting, century-spanning Eldritch Legacy trilogy, currently available through another small but quality e-press. In addition to a few short stories also available through this other publisher, my 1920's BDSM short, Efflorescence, will appear later this year in FB's upcoming anthology, A Rose of Any Colour. I am thankful to have now found two quality publishers who are open to my more unconventional take on romance, not just in regards to subject matter but in variations on traditional formula.

When I'm not writing, I'm caring for my three children (two teenagers and one pre-schooler). I also enjoy sewing, cooking, and of course, my first love, reading. You can find out more about myself and my work at my author site listed below. I am excited to be here, and while I recognize a few faces (*waves at Kayleigh, yay!*) I look foward to chatting with those whom I have not already had the privilege of meeting. :)

~ Kitty S.
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WCP/FB said...

Welcome, Kitty! Great to see you here. :)


Ansley Vaughan said...

Hi Kitty, welcome and congratulations!