Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Introductory Post

Hello everyone!

Another new FB author saying "hello." My short Regency, "A Scandalous Arrangement," has been accepted as part of A Rose Of Any Colour, an upcoming BDSM anthology with the Bower. I write primarily (but not exclusively) historical, sometimes with f/f elements, sometimes not. I have two novels and two short stories out with Aphrodite's Apples Press. I had a short story featured in the Fiction Friction section of Girlphoria's June 2006 issue. I'm also an editor for Aphrodite's Apples.

That's my "fun job." My day job is being a full time first year law student (though I am, thankfully, nearly done with the first year). I don't sleep. I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida, with my two precocious and spoiled cats. I turned 27 this past Saturday. I feel old.

I'm very excited to be on board and look forward to getting to know everyone.

-Kayleigh Jamison


Maggie Toussaint said...

Hey Kayleigh,
I belong to 2 Jax-based writer's groups, FL SINC and First Coast Romance Writers. Are you plugged into either of them? The meetings are on the first and second Saturdays of the month, respectively.
I lived in Frederick MD for nearly 30 years before moving south to GA in 2005.
Feel free to contact me directly by email.

Kayleigh J. said...

Hi Maggie!

No, not a member of either. I've been here since August, but so busy with school that I haven't had a chance to look into it.

I grew up in western Howard County, and still own a condo in Columbia. My grandfather lived in Frederick for a time; I was in college at Gettysburg, and I'd go down for lunch on the weekends.

-Kay :)

Emily Ryan-Davis said...

Kayleigh, don't say that! If you're old at 27, I'm developing liver spots at 28 :)

Welcome to the Freya's Bower family! I'm still struggling to finish up my Rose anthology submission, but I hope we'll be in the anthology together!

Kit Wylde said...

Urgh! If the two of you consider yourselves old, I must be downright ancient at 45. One foot in the grave by your terms. LOL

Welcome, Kayleigh! I wish I could write something for the anthology. No such luck. LOL


WCP/FB said...

Good to see you here, Kayleigh!

I wouldn't mind being 27 again. LOL