Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rain, rain, rain

Well, it's about time. We've had freezing temperatures like we rarely see. Then a taste of spring came to tease us. Finally, the rain has come. Rain we can certainly use at this point in the season. I don't mind it, other than people driving like maniacs despite the slick roads. I just grab a cup of cocoa and snuggle up with a good book or my laptop for a session of writing. I'd rather avoid the roads with so many people either driving like they have to win the Indy 500 or so slow you wonder if you'll make it the last mile before your bladder bursts.

Alas, for me, I wish it was fog. Strange comment. Well, yes, but it would set the mood for me to write on my present WIP. The setting is almost gothic, but set in modern times. Yes, I like to live on the edge. LOL

So, a quick question for all of you: Do you ever find a certain type of weather is more conducive to your writing depending on the story? For instance, does sunshine do more for you if you are writing lighthearted material or stormy weather for something that is heavier? Or does the weather matter at all?

And for readers, do you find that the weather influences what you read or how much?


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hot time in the old town tonight!

Okay. Well, this all depends on baby. Last night, my DH had a dozen red roses delivered. I love red roses. I hadn't planned on doing anything for him, but then, I thought perhaps I should... beyond the chocolate cake I baked. So, I'm nattering on the phone with my mother this morning, and she suggests I go to a sex shop for lingerie and a "few other things". (grin) (My mother is in her 70s, btw.) What a great idea, I think. I call my MIL to see if she can watch my dau while I go. (Um, sex shop and baby don't mix in my book. LOL) I'm thinking this is going to take me 15 minutes tops.


Um, no. I wanted to buy some of the toys, but I have no experience with toys. None. Yeah, I edit erotica, but I've just never tried them. First, I feel like you have to trust the person if you are going to play with someone else. Second, the thought of buying a toy never proceeded beyond the thought... until today.

Two and a half hours later and a long conversation punctuated with "Oh, my god", "did you know they had these", "is that what I think it is", "18 inches? Can I cross my legs now?", and so on, I left the store with a neatly wrapped bag for my honey. No lingerie. I have some. Why waste money on more when I can spend it on toys? LOL

So, tonight should be interesting... if the little one decides to go to sleep. We shall see. LOL

I hope your Valentine's Day is spicy and fun... or whatever you are looking for.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow again, snow again

Tuesday is one of my days off, and instead of sleeping in this snowy morning, my brain woke up wide-eyed and alert at 8:30 a.m. with a scene firmly in mind to finish the short story I'm working on for the Romance Divas e-book challenge.

Snow anywhere else? Anybody else writing? Is it just me and the vanilla chai against the world?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Online Stalking Tips on Boom! PR Solutions for Authors

I was interviewed by the owner of the Boom! PR Solutions for Editors blog:

I recently wrote an article on how to protect yourself online from harassers, and the owner of the Boom blog was my editor for the magazine that published the article, so she invited me on to talk about how to protect yourself.

Check out the interview! I hope you learn a little something...and while you're there, show me some love in the comments section...

Friday, February 2, 2007

A Whole Inch? Gee!

Some of you may know that I'm fortunate to have a ay job that's super flexible. Since I work for the federal government, I can't work more than 80 hours every two weeks (try getting a deal like that in a law firm--HA!). And the agency that I work for is allows us to choose when those 80 hours are (I could work 13 hours a day for 6 days straight and then take the next 8 days off and only take 2 hours of vacation if I wanted).

So I work 10 hours a day Monday through Thursday and then have 3-day weekends every week. It's lovely. Perfect opportunity to get lots of writing done.

Anyway, since I don't work on Fridays, I've taken to doing my grocery shopping on Friday afternoons, so I can get it all done without dealing with the rush and chaos that is the store on a Saturday or Sunday. Only today, the aisles were packed and the lines snaked and wrapped around and around.

What the heck?

Sadly, people were out to do their run on eggs, bread, and milk that always happens whenever we get a forecast for snow. Never mind the fact that we're only expected to get an inch, if that. What if we get trapped in our house without eggs, break, or milk?! Oh no! We might not be able to dig out for days!

*shakes head*

We're supposed to get 1 inch, people! 1 inch!

DC is arguably the most powerful city on the planet, yet one loudy inch of snow throws everyone into a tizzy and panic and completely incapacitates us. Pretty darn pathetic.