Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hot time in the old town tonight!

Okay. Well, this all depends on baby. Last night, my DH had a dozen red roses delivered. I love red roses. I hadn't planned on doing anything for him, but then, I thought perhaps I should... beyond the chocolate cake I baked. So, I'm nattering on the phone with my mother this morning, and she suggests I go to a sex shop for lingerie and a "few other things". (grin) (My mother is in her 70s, btw.) What a great idea, I think. I call my MIL to see if she can watch my dau while I go. (Um, sex shop and baby don't mix in my book. LOL) I'm thinking this is going to take me 15 minutes tops.


Um, no. I wanted to buy some of the toys, but I have no experience with toys. None. Yeah, I edit erotica, but I've just never tried them. First, I feel like you have to trust the person if you are going to play with someone else. Second, the thought of buying a toy never proceeded beyond the thought... until today.

Two and a half hours later and a long conversation punctuated with "Oh, my god", "did you know they had these", "is that what I think it is", "18 inches? Can I cross my legs now?", and so on, I left the store with a neatly wrapped bag for my honey. No lingerie. I have some. Why waste money on more when I can spend it on toys? LOL

So, tonight should be interesting... if the little one decides to go to sleep. We shall see. LOL

I hope your Valentine's Day is spicy and fun... or whatever you are looking for.



Tempest Knight said...

Have a very spicy Valentine's Day! ;)

Kit Wylde said...

LOL Marci. I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day.