Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow again, snow again

Tuesday is one of my days off, and instead of sleeping in this snowy morning, my brain woke up wide-eyed and alert at 8:30 a.m. with a scene firmly in mind to finish the short story I'm working on for the Romance Divas e-book challenge.

Snow anywhere else? Anybody else writing? Is it just me and the vanilla chai against the world?


Amanda Brice said...

I'm an idiot.

Around 5 am I woke up to see if it was snowing yet and to check the website to see whether we'd have a snow day or at least a delayed opening. NOTHING.

But I was exhausted, so when my alarm went off at 6:45, I decided to just sleep in. I normally take off on Fridays, but instead I decided to switch around my days off, and take off today instead.

I woke up around 9-ish and called my boss. It was snowing by then, but still, the office was open.

Well, they closed at 2 (and I normally work until 7), so had I gone in, I would have only had to work half a day, yet get credit for a full day. but since I didn't go in today, I don't get any "administrative leave" for the early closing.


I have to work a full day on Friday now to make it up.

Freya's Bower Author Circle said...

Well, I'm often up until 2 am working. My dau wakes up around 6:30-7 am. Yeah, I get a lot of sleep and can be bitchy when pushed. LOL or that's my excuse. LOL

That just sucks, Amanda. You can hope that tomorrow you'll get a short day too.


Emily Ryan-Davis said...

I'm sorry to hear it, Amanda! Snow is fickle and annoying. I think it cheated me out of flowers for Valentine's Day (at least until Saturday).

Tempest Knight said...

I finished mine but for some reason I can't upload the thing right. And now I can't access the account. *sighs* I hate computers sometimes...