Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blood and Mint Chocolates received a GREAT first review!

Mike Gleason, a reviewer of fiction and non-fiction pagan and occult books gave Blood and Mint Chocolates a great review!

Quick quote: "...the writing is excellent, the plotting is superb, and the erotica is top-flight. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think you will as well."

You can read more what he has to say about my upcoming release here:

For more information about this upcoming novella from Freya's Bower, go here:

Love & Magic,


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If you haven't already, will you take a moment to read my story Moonlight Invitation and at least a couple of the other shorties and place your vote? My entry is at the following link and it's under 600 words. (voting link below)

If you'd like to read all the stories, the Contest Entries link is posted on the 10/28 entry.

If you enjoy Moonlight Invitation, I'd appreciate your vote. Voting is here:

Winner is drawn on Halloween, I believe.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jamie Hill's October News

Good morning everyone! My October newsletter is now available and chock-full of news and interesting tidbits.

There's big news this month about a new venture I'm involved with, Custom Erotica Fantasies. Yeah, it's just as sexy as it sounds. Please check it out!

The final part of the free read Snowbound is included, I hope you've enjoyed this erotic, unusual tale!

I have another easy contest this month, this one concerning my new paranormal changeling release co-authored with Jude Mason. To find out more, read the newsie!

If you don't receive the newsletter in your email, you can find it in the files section at

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Time to introduce myself

I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself for a moment. I was just accepted into the Freya's Bower family. My name is Missy Lyons and I have been writing romance and erotica for several years now. I started out writing sweet romances, and really enjoyed doing that, but the publishers seemed to want it hotter, so I catered to them.

I heard about a call for a sweet romance anthology and had a story swimming around in my head for years now--just waiting to be written. So I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to try for it. I have always been impressed with Freya's bower and the group of authors I know work here are people I look up to. I loved the Dreams and Desires anthology which was put out for a really good cause.

Wounded Hearts was written to help honor our fallen in the September 11 tragedy. I may not have ever come out and actually said how the father died, but I pictured him as losing his life saving others in the fire, and this story is about how his family honored his memory and yet still had to move on. The healing, that came afterwards and the pain and suffering.

I look forward to being here, and meeting everyone. Eventually I will tell you more about my story in One Touch, One Glance, as the anthology gets closer to publication.

Take care,