Monday, February 16, 2009

ebooks are here to stay

At a recent small conference, I was talking about all my books, including my Freya's Bower electronic book. Folks there couldn't quite imagine an electronic book. I was shocked! Luckily I'd brought along my ebook reader which I passed around the workshop.

The market for ebooks is growing, but it was somewhat surprising in this day and age to run into a group of folks that had never heard of them. Some had heard about the Kindle concept, but that was as far as it got. I don't think I made any new converts though, as these were the kind of people who love to hold a book in their hands.

Change is hard for some people, impossible for others. Don't you other electronic authors just want to shout from the mountain tops that we are here to stay?

Maggie Toussaint
Seeing Red at Freya's Bower
a contemporary romance set at a Bed and Breakfast