Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Eagle At Midnight by Ava James

The Eagle at Midnight

Genre: Fantasy/Contemporary/Gods/GoddessesRating: TangyBook Length: Short StoryPrice: $2.99

For Deryn Philips' life has hit a record low. After losing her parents in a car crash, she follows their last request and takes a trip to Wales. But this is no ordinary trip, and there is more to her new mysterious male friend than she can believe. Then again, if you are in a medieval castle in a foreign country, what's wrong with meeting a knight in shinning Armani?

The tour group milled around on the lower floors and the castle grounds out of
consideration to the group members of an advanced age. Craving solitude, Deryn
decided to see the view from one of the towers. The gaggle of widows departed,
and she turned back to the gravel paths in the inner bailey. Each path led to a
different tower.
“So which tower is it going to be? Black, Chamberlain, Eagle, or Queen?”
“I suggest Eagle’s Tower,” a male’s voice recommended from behind her.
The smooth timbre and Welsh accent generated tingles down her spine.
Turning around, Deryn met stunning cerulean eyes set in chiseled features,
paired with heart-stopping good looks. Hot didn’t even begin to cover the essence
of this man. Her jaw slackened at the sight. Raw desire shot down her body. Her
eyes wide, she drank him in inch by tailored inch. He wore his light grey suit with
confidence, and his honey locks, pulled back from his face into a short ponytail,
brushed the collar of his black shirt. A seductive grin crept across his sensual lips,
and a sigh almost escaped Deryn’s lips.
Holy David Beckham! This man could be his long lost, even hotter brother. His
tawny skin, muscular frame, and blond locks were a triple threat. It was too
much…. He was too much.
“I….” I want you…. No, too forward. Damn, what was I saying?