Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years from Missy Lyons!

Happy New Year's everyone!

It's time to end the year 2011, whether we are ready or not--and I am ready!!

I am finding myself looking back over the year and evaluating what I did well and what didn't work. I think 2011 kicked my butt and then turned around and did it again. My husband lost his eye this year and my babygirl underwent a her first surgery. My priorities changed and I began to deal with what was most important to me--family. I stopped writing for the first half of the year and then took it up again in Summer and Fall and I think my word count for the year ended up being around 80,000 words. Not bad for putting my writing on a back burner. It's been quite a ride. Now I can't wait for this year to end so I can take the reins back to my life and get this horse and pony show started. lol

In 2012 I already have two releases scheduled and plans to use my time more wisely. I have a few friends that have already written down a list of the books they plan to write. Me? I'm not so organized, but I will be writing.

What are your plans for the New Year?

Lots of love to you all and I hope all your hopes and dreams come true for 2012! Happy New Years!

Missy Lyons

Tonight I plan to break out the bubbly and celebrate until I can't party anymore and then I'll be sleeping it off tomorrow just like this guy. lol Enjoy your New Year's y'all!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So you want to be a writer?

I think everyone has a story in their heart. Something they may have waited all their life to find the time to get down on paper. I've talked to many of these people at conferences and events like my booksignings where they ask my advice. It's the same every time and I have to wonder why they choose not to just sit down and do it.

My advice is the same every time. I have three simple rules to becoming a writer.

1. Read.

Don't think it comes easy. You need to study the books you read. The plot, the grammar, the spelling, and the style it's written in, but not just the obvious things. Look at the best sellers and try to figure out why people are hooked on those books. You need to understand what people want to read and study other books in the genre you wish to write.

2. Write--but more importantly Re-write.

Your book will never get written if you don't sit down and write it. Make time to pound on the keyboard and try to keep your writing time sacred, but when you finally finish that story don't stop there. Now the hard part is editing and rewriting your story to make it a great story.

3. Look for opportunities to publish what you write.

It does you no good to write and then bury your work in a closet. You need to try to put your work out where the general public can see it. Whether you get paid for what you write or not is not important (yet). This will enable you to get feedback and see what you need to improve to begin living your dream.

Being paid as a professional writer.

So, that's my basic advice. Whether you choose to follow it or not is another story, but becoming a writer is simple. You can do it too.

Lots of Love,
Missy Lyons
Author of Magic, Seduction, and Fantasy

Author of ONE ONE TOUCH ONE GLANCE at Freya's Bower

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Free Read by Missy Lyons

Do you subscribe to All Romance ebooks newsletter? You should! There is tons of free stuff in there, contests, new releases and a free read every Friday. Missy Lyons story 'Till Death Do Us Part' will be featured in it October 22 for Halloween.

If you miss out, or don't sign up in time--don't worry! Missy Lyons will feature it in her newsletter that month too. Sign up here:

Thanks and I hope you can enjoy it!
Missy Lyons

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Edge of Sanity, new ebook release!

Freya's Bower has taken the chapter book Edge of Sanity and put it all together into one ebook, for one low price!

Detective Jake Gilford is skeptical when he hears Joss Wheeler say she believes her newly inherited house is haunted. He's a man of facts and hard evidence, and ghosts aren't on his radar screen. He's also a man, and Joss is a beautiful, if somewhat nutty, woman. Won over by her charms, he promises to stay and help her unravel the mystery of the house--or whatever else she has that might need unraveling...

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Category Novel
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary/Interracial
Price: $4.99


He pressed his mouth against hers. "I want to make love with you," he murmured, their lips touching.

She wrapped one leg around his butt, pulling his denim-covered erection closer to her core. "I want that, too. More than anything."

He lifted her from the floor, and carried her to his room. At the edge of his bed, he set her down. "Here we are." He deftly unbuttoned her blouse, and his mouth followed the trail his fingers left. He had no trouble freeing her breasts from the white bra this time. As soon as they bobbed loose, he sucked a puckering, air-chilled nipple into his mouth. "Mmm," he moaned softly. "Ever since that first taste of you, I've been dying for another."

She chuckled deep in her throat. "Still sticking with the story that crab and beer are your favorites?"

Jake laved his tongue over her nipple and watched it peak. "Oh, no. Not a chance. I have a new favorite flavor, right here."

She arched her back, sighed as he moved to her other breast. "That feels fantastic."

"Yes it does," he teased. Both nipples were now taut nubs. He rolled the first between his thumb and forefinger, nibbling the second until she squirmed.

"You don't know what you're doing to me!"

Jake smirked. "Oh, I think I do. I've only just begun. I intend to drive you absolutely crazy." Before the words were out, he regretted them. If he could have retracted them he would have, but it was too late. They hung in the air, and he exchanged glances with Joss. "I'm sorry—"

"Don't worry about it. I don't feel so crazy anymore. You've helped me get over that. Shall we see what else you can help me with?"

Relieved, he grinned wickedly. "Oh yeah. I have a few ideas."

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill


"a wonderful story that sucks you in from the very first page...I can hardly wait to read book 2..."

4 Lips from Alisha
Reviewer for Two Lips Reviews

"This first installment is a treasure... From the first page to the last, Edge of Sanity, Book 1 had me glued to the pages..."

Reviewer for Romance At Heart

"With Jake and Jocelyn's relationship just beginning, I'm eager to find out just who or what is making those ghastly noises, and if their relationship lasts the distance."

4 Champagne Flutes from Sangria
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews

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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hi everybody!
I wanted to let you all know that I'm running a contest at my Textyladies blog; it's very easy to enter. All you need to do is either buy a copy of my newest release with Freya's Bower, Puppy Love, or blog my contest on one of your sites. You can send me an email letting me know you've bought the book, or leave me a link to your blog at Textyladies in comments. That's it!

You can find more information and the list of prizes by clicking here.

Please help me spread the word! :)

~Jane E. Jones


Puppy Love got a great review (4.5 out of 5) from Night Owl Romance reviewer Diana Coyle, which follows:

"I found this to be such a charming tale that Ms. Jones wrote. The author tells the story of how two people, who were next door neighbors, didn’t hit it off very well from their first encounter together.

Sarah loves her dog, Casper Salt, very much and wants nothing to happen to him. Seeing how Michael took so well to the dog the first time he saw him and even picked him up to pet him, Sarah becomes neurotically overprotective of her precious dog. Unfortunately though, it was not as protective as she should have been because now Casper Salt is missing. Without even putting some serious thought into where the dog might be, Sarah immediately accuses Michael of stealing her beloved four legged friend.

If matters weren’t bad enough this far, when Michael leaves his house one night, Sarah sets out on a mission to break into his house to find and rescue Casper Salt. Little does she know the crazy kind of chaos she is going to cause by acting out her foolish scheme.

Ms. Jones did a wonderful job of entertaining me with Sarah’s wild antics. I immediately fell in love with Michael and felt terrible when Sarah accused him of being the dognapper just because he got along so well with Casper Salt. The author sprinkled humor throughout her story that made me laugh out loud. I thoroughly enjoyed this lighthearted story and I would definitely recommend it for others to read. Ms. Jones' story will not disappoint you!"

Buy Puppy Love

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Monday, February 16, 2009

ebooks are here to stay

At a recent small conference, I was talking about all my books, including my Freya's Bower electronic book. Folks there couldn't quite imagine an electronic book. I was shocked! Luckily I'd brought along my ebook reader which I passed around the workshop.

The market for ebooks is growing, but it was somewhat surprising in this day and age to run into a group of folks that had never heard of them. Some had heard about the Kindle concept, but that was as far as it got. I don't think I made any new converts though, as these were the kind of people who love to hold a book in their hands.

Change is hard for some people, impossible for others. Don't you other electronic authors just want to shout from the mountain tops that we are here to stay?

Maggie Toussaint
Seeing Red at Freya's Bower
a contemporary romance set at a Bed and Breakfast

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Eagle At Midnight by Ava James

The Eagle at Midnight

Genre: Fantasy/Contemporary/Gods/GoddessesRating: TangyBook Length: Short StoryPrice: $2.99

For Deryn Philips' life has hit a record low. After losing her parents in a car crash, she follows their last request and takes a trip to Wales. But this is no ordinary trip, and there is more to her new mysterious male friend than she can believe. Then again, if you are in a medieval castle in a foreign country, what's wrong with meeting a knight in shinning Armani?

The tour group milled around on the lower floors and the castle grounds out of
consideration to the group members of an advanced age. Craving solitude, Deryn
decided to see the view from one of the towers. The gaggle of widows departed,
and she turned back to the gravel paths in the inner bailey. Each path led to a
different tower.
“So which tower is it going to be? Black, Chamberlain, Eagle, or Queen?”
“I suggest Eagle’s Tower,” a male’s voice recommended from behind her.
The smooth timbre and Welsh accent generated tingles down her spine.
Turning around, Deryn met stunning cerulean eyes set in chiseled features,
paired with heart-stopping good looks. Hot didn’t even begin to cover the essence
of this man. Her jaw slackened at the sight. Raw desire shot down her body. Her
eyes wide, she drank him in inch by tailored inch. He wore his light grey suit with
confidence, and his honey locks, pulled back from his face into a short ponytail,
brushed the collar of his black shirt. A seductive grin crept across his sensual lips,
and a sigh almost escaped Deryn’s lips.
Holy David Beckham! This man could be his long lost, even hotter brother. His
tawny skin, muscular frame, and blond locks were a triple threat. It was too
much…. He was too much.
“I….” I want you…. No, too forward. Damn, what was I saying?