Friday, April 20, 2007


It's raining here...finally. The 1/2" we are expecting isn't going to make up for a very dry winter, but we will take whatever moisture we can get at this point. There is a good possibility for thunderstorms this afternoon. I am looking forward to it. There is nothing like a good thunderstorm to clear the energy and electrify the imagination. :) If all goes as planned, my dau will be staying the night at Grandma's. she's there now, and even though I didn't have the alone time I had hoped for (me and the cats in the house -- grin), it's blessedly silent with no one to worry about but me since the hubby is currently indisposed. (grin) So, I'm playing. Well, I'm on the computer. What's new? Huh? But I am utterly carefree at the moment. It's simply lovely.

We are going to see a movie tonight. I am going to sleep in tomorrow, and, hopefully, sleep through the night as well. Gah! The last time I slept in was...pre baby. I suppose that's typical when you have children. Not that she isn't fun, but what I wouldn't give to be able to sleep in two nights in a row. LOL Little miss was up at 7 am this morning and began the day running. She didn't stop running even after I dropped her at Grandma's. For Grandma's sake, I hope this means she'll crash at 8 pm or so. She can get a second wind and go late. On other occasions, she's fallen asleep standing up. (Yes, that is true.)

Okay. We are off. Have a lovely weekend! I know I will. :)


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