Monday, May 21, 2007

Where the Sizzle Meets the Page...

Thank you, Freya's Bower, for the invite to participate in your author's blog. I admit to being a bit...scattered, at the moment. Tomorrow is finals in Intemediate Algebra and then Thursday I have a final in Shakespeare and between here and there I have a final essay for Amer Lit. Let's just say my brains are leaking formulas and angst.

  • I am very pleased to direct any romance readers over to my dual stories "Of Lilies" which you can download and read at:
  • I also have a paperback (The Bride of Gornoston ~ a naughty gothic romance) due out in late summer and I will be holding a few contests to give away copies, so please feel free to drop me a note here or on my literary blog at mallory_blog on LJ - Introduce yourself, I love to chat on blog.
Thank you Marci for being so patient over the past few months when I was swallowed by homework.

I hope to have my new website up an running during the summer since I'm only taking 2 classes :head desk:

Now, I need to get back to studying sigmas and that triangle thing (cannae remember naught)

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WCP/FB said...

You were a pleasure to work with, F. Hopefully, your finals go well and the two summer classes are easy. :) Okay. Summer classes are rarely easy, but let's hope they are easier than usual. :)