Friday, May 25, 2007

Interesting news in the publishing industry

Print book sales are down, while e-book sales are up!

From Reuters, May 23, 2007

Americans bought $24.2 billion worth of books in 2006, slightly less than the previous year, an industry group said Tuesday, reporting sharp falls in religious and audio-book sales but an increase in e-books.

The Assn. of American Publishers said total sales by U.S. publishers last year were estimated at $24.197 billion, down from $24.263 billion in 2005.

Religious book sales fell 10.2% to $745 million while audio-books dropped 11.7% to $182 million. Spurred by progress in digital technology, sales of e-books jumped 24.1% to $54 million.

Source: Los Angeles Times,0,7831051.story?coll=la-books-headlines

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WCP/FB said...

Woo-hoo! What can I say? This is great! Now for some of those billions to trickle down to us. :)