Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cleaning Machine

I don't care to clean. My house is not immaculate. I do not suffer from OCD, but there are times I wish I was just a little bit. Take today, for instance. I couldn't stand my shower any longer. It was disgusting. Now, we've had a few people come in to clean in the past few months, but they just don't clean the way it should be. Our shower is not easy to clean. Let me rephrase that: the shower ceiling is not that easy to clean. It's an eight foot high ceiling (old house) and a minuscule shower. Putting two people in the shower is a tight squeeze. So to reach the shower requires one of those sponge mops, but it won't really do that good of a job because the shower is so small that you can't maneuver. Or you have to have a small step stool, which we now have.

Needless to say, the shower ceiling has been neglected for, well, months. I knocked down most of the mold (yes, mold) with one of those sponge mops. Then I brought in the step stool, a sponge, and an old toothbrush. With a concoction of castille soap (with peppermint oil), white vinegar, and oregano oil, I spent the better part of two hours later getting the upper half of the shower to a relatively clean condition. It's not perfect, but it's better than it was. And I didn't die from chemical asphyxiation. LOL

Now, all I have left to do is... too much. Man, I hate cleaning! LOL



Ansley Vaughan said...

Urgh! It doesn't sound very nice! And the trouble with cleaning is that it gets dirty again almost at once.

The bane of my life is fur. I've got two cocker spaniels, one of whom is orange roan -- kind of marmalade and white, but a lot of white. The carpets have a sort of furry coating. I've got a fantastic vacuum cleaner, called 'The Miele Big Cat and Dog' (honestly!) but it's such a chore all the time, and when I've finished, the dogs obligingly roll and writhe about a bit and it's back to where we were!

Anyhow, well done Marci!

Babe King said...

I totally agree. Housework was invented by a wicked troll trying to keep authors from writing. May her mops all turn moldy and the fleas of a thousand camels infest her linen cupboard.

Freya's Bower Author Circle said...


We have three cats that lay all over everything! In the winter, it's not so bad, although we still find loads of cat hair. In the summer, one sweep with the vacuum and it looks like we have an entire cat in our vacuum. No, I'm not kidding. LOL

The shower looks amazing. Vinegar, oregano oil and the Castille soap worked wonders. Better than Chlorox. Yes, really. I think the vinegar and oregano oil continued to even after I had rinsed it off. And the Castille soap had peppermint oil in it so everything smelled "minty fresh". (grin)


Ansley Vaughan said...

Oregano oil? I've never heard of that, it sounds nice!

I usually go to the big dog show here, Crufts, and one year there was a woman who would make you a jumper with the fur from your dog or cat. I really didn't fancy it, but there were plenty of people buying.

Cat fur is probably worse than dog; my lovely cat Dahlia used to like to lie on a particular step on the stairs, and when she moved, it was as if we had a white carpet.

Ansley Vaughan said...

Right, last night feeling virtuous, I vacuumed the whole of the downstairs.

Today, some pizza delivery and fast-food restaurant menus annoyed the younger dog, so she chewed them up all over the hallway. It looks as if a paper-chase has been through.

I really don't know why I bother!

Canice Brown-Porter said...

I clean almost everything with 100%anmonia. I found out it can do wonders on windows, carpets, walls, clothes, etc. and disinfects all in one shot.

I was shampooing my carpets back before the holidays and a belt broke on the stupid thing. I got in touch with Bissell and they wouldn't sell me the belt, because...there was a shock hazard recall on my model. Now, this machine is like brand new. And they wanted me to drive it to a service center to be checked which is about 3 hours plus from me. Or, find a big enough box, ship it to them (their expense) and they would send me a refurbished one! Mine is brand new! A refurbished one? I don't think so! So, at some point, I'll be headed to Eden, NC to get it checked out. All for a stupid $3.00 belt.

Anyway...congrats on getting that shower stall cleaned. More than I can say for mine. LOL

Amanda Brice said...

I hate cleaning with the biggest of all hatreds. It's EVIL.