Monday, December 25, 2006


To the chatting authors of Freya's Bower. We come here to just shoot the breeze. No talk of business. Just fun. We'll share stories, maybe chat about writing issues, but primarily have fun.

My daughter is not quite two and a half. She's sort of starting to potty train. When I say "sort of", many of you who are parents know this, it's a start/stop process. She's used her "throne" three time. The other day, she was in the bathroom sitting on her throne to go pee. I was in the living room editing an MS when I heard this little voice yell, "I did it again!" She'd peed in her throne. LOL I cracked up. There was such glee and pride in her voice, I couldn't help but smile.

I can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow when she sees the presents from Santa in her stocking. Perhaps I will post some pictures of tomorrow.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful, peace-filled holiday!



Emily Ryan-Davis said...

I didn't have kids to watch on Christmas morning, but spending Christmas with my mom (the first Christmas in almost 10 years) was just as good. She was thrilled that I was there, gleefully unwrapping presents and taking pictures. Her new prized possession is a portrait of my fiance and I - which I had to hold, while she took snapshots of me holding the portrait, so she could mail copies to my million aunts and uncles.

Ansley Vaughan said...

Marci, where are those pictures?

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Hey, Marci. I don't seem able to add posts onto this blog - should I be able to? Can you assist?


Freya's Bower Author Circle said...

Sorry, Ansley. Life distracted me. LOL Will post them in a few.