Thursday, December 28, 2006


How did it happen... how did it get to get 2007? How did I get to be this 41yo woman who moans about the passage of time? How did I get to be the mother of a son who is almost 14 and at 5'9" towers over me? When did my 11yo daughter want a Dooney & Bourke bag and Uggs for xmas? At least my 5yo remains a baby still. I think I'm going to cling to her childhood, letting her make me feel young - that is, until I visit her kindergarten classroom and realize I'm one of the "older moms".
I'm doing a lot of reflecting right now. Wondering if I'm where I thought I'd be. Thinking about where I'd like to head. And wondering whether I'm happy with the person I am. I don't know what put me in this pensive mood, but I'm trying to shake it free. As my mom always told me - I'm dangerous when I'm thinking. lol

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Freya's Bower Author Circle said...


I will be 40 when my daughter enters kindergarten too. At least in Los Angeles, older moms are not so uncommon anymore. I have two neighbors who were 33 when they had their first kids. One just had her second at 35. Another was 39 when she had her son. Perhaps it is just a trend down here.

And I know what you mean. When did the wrinkles start creeping up on my face? When did my oldest nephew get old enough to drink hard liquor? Gah! I feel old.